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New Provincial Referral Process for Cancer Care effective September 18, 2023

Please note, after early feedback on the new referral process, a few changes were made and are now reflected in the links below.

As of September 18, a single provincial referral form and process has replaced all previous zone and facility, and division-specific referral forms and processes for cancer care.

This does not apply to surgical oncology or pediatric/adolescent oncology.

This new streamlined provincial referral process is intended to standardize the process and ensure patients are triaged appropriately and receive their appointment as soon as possible and that cancer specialists have easy access to necessary test results and investigations to support a fulsome discussion with patients about treatment options and plans.

The new referral process and information, including forms are updated and available here.

To safely process, triage and schedule new patients, all referrals must include a completed Cancer Care Program Referral form

If you have questions about this new process, please email Terra Thibault ( or Valerie Nugent (


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